Hot springs of our hotel forth from the earth 800 meters below.
You can enjoy these hot springs in your room.
They are pH 8.2 and make your body silky and smooth. We call them “Bijin-no-yu”.

All bath of our hotel have 100% pure hot spring.
They are good for your skin as well and you can spend a relaxing time in private.
You can enjoy different spring source in each room.
For example, “Rock bath”, “Japanese cypress bath”, “Bath with sauna”, and “Bath with bedrock bath”.
Escape from the noise of downtown, enjoy your healing time.
Spring qualitysodium – bicarbonate hot spring (Hypotonic weakly alkaline hot spring)
Effect Thermal effect, reduce a stress, skin beauty effect
※ In a bedrock bath:Improve Neuralgia, coldness, insomnia
※ In a sauna:Diet and detox effect
※ In a jacuzzi bath:Promote circulation, Improve stiff


This is a day trip plan for 90 minutes. Enjoy the plan with your family or your partner.

Time90 minutes (If you want to extend your time, there is an extra charge of 500 yen per 30 minutes.)
Price・Room of bath with sauna
・Room of bath with bedrock bath
・Room of rock bath
・Room of Japanese cypress bath

※ All room rates are understood for four people.
If you want to stay more than five people, you need to pay the following extra rates.
 ・Adults(over a junior high students): 1,000 yen/person
 ・Children(Elementary students):500 yen/person
 ・Children(preschool):no extra rates
※ If the hotel has a reservation, it can not be used.
 Please confirm by phone on the day of use.


Only weekday plan called “Day use plan” is good deal and you can stay our hotel for 7 hours at most.

TimeAt most 7 hours ※AM 10:00 - PM 5:00
( If you want to extend your time, there is an extra charge of 500 yen per 30 minutes.)
PriceWhen using for 1 person, per room:5,800 yen when using for 2 people,
per room:7,000 yen
Room TypeRoom of Western-style room

※It is the “Weekday plan”.
※It is necessary to make a reservation.